Previous Cases

Partial List of Previous Cases And Accomplishments

This list is for informational purposes only. The names of clients have been provided in initial form only to protect  privacy of clients.

  1. R. v. R. G. – 2nd degree murder charge.  Secured an acquittal on the basis of self defence following a jury trial and withdrawal of fail to comply charges.
  2. R. v. C.S. – Sexual assault, forcible confinement charges.  Acquittal secured following trial.
  3. R. v. K.M. – Aggravated assault charge. Acquittal secured following trial.
  4. R. v. J. G. – Obstruct police charges.  Acquittal secured following trial.
  5. R. v. S.G. – Sexual assault.  Acquittal secured following trial.
  6. R. v. L.M. – Assault police, resist arrest, obstruct charges – stay of proceedings on the basis of an infringement of section 11(b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  7. R. v. K.M. – Assault with a weapon charges. Secured a withdrawal of charges on the eve of trial.
  8. R. v. D.L. – Sexual assault charges.  Convinced Crown to withdraw charges following successful preliminary hearing.
  9. R. v. C.G. – Sexual assault charges withdrawn following successful preliminary hearing and first day of evidence at trial.
  10. R. v. R.P. – Production of Marihuana (Grow-op) Secured a stay of proceedings on the basis of non-disclosure and delay.
  11. R. v. D.H. – Secured a withdrawal of possession of a weapon charges following negotiation with Crown regarding reasonable prospect of conviction.
  12. R. v. K.H. – Secured a withdrawl of robbery charges following discussions with Crown regarding reasonable prospect of conviction.
  13. R. v. K.W. – Secured withdrawal of charges of domestic assault against client and successful in laying counter charges against client’s spouse.
  14. R. v. M – Secured withdrawal of serious sexual assault allegations following successful 3rd party records applications demonstrating complainant’s motive to lie and fabrication of allegations.
  15. R. v. S – directed verdict of acquittal following Crown’s case at trial on charges of dangerous driving and obstruct police.
  16. R. v. P.L. – prevented laying of criminal charges following discussions with police regarding allegation of child abuse.
  17. R. v. G.M – prevented laying of criminal charges following discussion with police and client interview with police regarding allegations of fraud.
  18. R. v. J.A. – Cross examination of proposed Crown expert witness leads to Crown withdrawing its proposed expert.
  19. R. v. R.G. – Appeal to the Court of Appeal of Ontario from a conviction of second degree murder successful and new trial ordered.
  20. R. v. D. B. – Sentence reduced on appeal to the Court of Appeal of Ontario
  21. R. v. A.N. – Withdrawal of serious criminal charges including failing to provide necessaries, householder permit sexual, criminal negligence causing bodily harm following a non criminal resolution under the Family Law Act.
  22. LSUC v. S.A. – Good character hearing before the Law Society. Successful in getting client through good character hearing and being called to the Bar.
  23. R. v. H.M. – Secured withdrawal of charges on first court appearance following allegation of theft

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